Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Introducing the MyVector Google Gadget...

We've been talking internally about a desktop gadget / widget version of MyVector for some time and now its here. Below is a quick introduction to the gadget, how to install it and some screen shots of what it looks like.

The MyVector iGoogle gadget has two modes of operation:
  1. When not logged into MyVector it is a fully functional worldmap with day/night shadow overlay so you can see at a glance the time of day anywhere in the world.
  2. Login to MyVector and the gadget becomes a dashboard showing:
    • the whereabouts of your friends, family and colleagues - in text or on the worldmap.
    • your upcoming events - including past, present and future events displays on the worldmap.
    • any pending network requests - i.e. people who want you to join their network
It's basically a mini version of MyVector on your iGoogle homepage.

How to install

In true Google style the installation of gadgets is very easy. You can install the MyVector iGoogle gadget in your personalized homepage by clicking here. Alternatively you can click on 'Add stuff' directly from the iGoogle page and search for "MyVector" in the Google gadget content directory using the 'Search for gadgets' query box. This link will do that search for you. Below is the screen you will see - MyVector in the Google gadget content directory.

How it works

Once you've installed the MyVector iGoogle gadget and positioned it on your personalised homepage it should look something like this - the gadget is circled in red:

This is how the gadget looks when you are not logged into MyVector. In this mode, it is fully functional as a worldmap with the MyVector day/light shadow overlay updating to show the time in each country in the world.

The gadget is really a gateway to MyVector allowing you to login, add events, edit settings and check your network. To login simply click on the 'Login' link at the top right of the gadget:

Also if you are not yet a member and wish to join, you can also select the 'Join' link and sign up for free. When you click on 'Login' a temporary pop-up will appear as below - we do this so you can be sure you are signing into MyVector:

Once you have signed in, the pop-up will automatically close and the gadget will refresh to display the Proximity Matching, Upcoming Events, Contacts Locations and Pending Network Request status messages as follows:

This is your dashboard from which you can call the main MyVector service in a full screen browser to perform functions such as 'edit settings', view 'my network', 'add event', 'invite contacts'.

You can also view your past, present and future events on a map within the gadget by clicking on the 'my map' link in the 'Upcoming events' section:

Roll your mouse over the pins to see the date and short form name of each event. Red pins represent past events, green pins represent current events and blue pins represent future events.

In addition you can use the gadget to see at a glance where in the world your contacts are right now. To this, just click on the 'map' link in the 'contact locations' section:

We hope you find this great new addition to MyVector useful. We've been using it for a few weeks now and it's really helpful to see the current status and map display whenever visiting Google - which is of course daily!! Add to Google

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