Thursday, April 17, 2008

Contacts importer and more coming soon...

Here's a sneak preview of the Contacts importer, which is the first of several new features we've been working on. It allows you to import your existing contacts from:
  • Hotmail / Live / MSN
  • Yahoo!
  • GMail /googlemail
  • LinkedIn
  • Outlook
  • Palm
  • Lotus Notes
  • vCard
  • ACT
  • text and csv
To load your contacts list, select the address book you wish to import from, enter the username and password - or browse for the file to import from in the case of .csv, LinkedIn contacts and vCards - and submit. Note: Your password will not be revealed to us and we will only invite the contacts you specifically select.

The MyVector Contacts importer will load the contacts and present them on screen as shown below.

Now you can select the contacts you wish to invite to join your MyVector network. You have the option to personalize the message sent, or use the 'select all' link to invite everyone. In addition you can edit the 'From:' email address.

An icon will display next to any imported contacts who are already a member of MyVector. This allows you to add them to your network if you wish. The icon's will also alert you if you have already sent a request and allow you to resend.

As with most network models - the value of MyVector grows exponentially along with the number of contacts you have. The Contacts importer saves time by connecting directly to your existing contacts list.

Remember the MyVector Profile and Event Security allows you to manage who sees what, and by categorizing your contacts into folders you have additional flexibility.

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